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BCIEA On Mission to help & Support Women impacted by mastectomy

BCIEA On Mission to help & Support Women impacted by mastectomy

Women impacted by mastectomy

Due to the removal of one or both breasts as treatment for breast cancer.These patients are physically, psychologically and emotionally traumatized, stigmatized and lose their dignity and self confidence. Please watch out for our Challenge:#HelpHerRegainHerDignityWhen you accept the challenge you pledgeto donate your choice of numbers of pairs of our Made in Rwanda Knitted Knockers, these are beautiful, light and soft, user friendly breast Prostheses that enable a patient who have undergone mastectomy to regain normalcy and confidence. A pair costs $10 Dollars or 10,000rwf.BCIEA’s Goal is to make these Prostheses available and free to any woman who needs them. We have already distributed some samples to some hospitals and institutions butwe need a lot more and with your help we can:#HelpHerRegainHerDignityRemember to Pass the challenge to your friends and colleagues and let’s engage everybody in thisWorthy cause.#breastcanceriseverybodysbusiness


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