Ulinzi Walk

Event Detalis

Ulinzi is a Swahili word that means: protect, guard, watch over, save. 

The first Ulinzi Walk on Sunday 22, 2011 to promote breast health publicly and to more people in its target region of East Africa. This walk included 300 participants from all walks of life in Kigali, Rwanda. It was a remarkable success. As the first walk of its kind in Rwanda and East Africa at large and has become an annual tradition, following in the footsteps of the Komen Walk for the Cure in the United States. Over the years the crowd has  annually grown to thousands as the awareness increased, but much more work remains to be done.

  Why do we walk?

  • We walk to raise awareness and funds to save lives from breast cancer.

  • We walk in solidarity and provide free life-saving information and support to help participants to reduce their breast cancer risk and find it early when it is most treatable.

  • We walk to celebrate life, remember the deceased and encourage those impacted   

         by this disease. 

  • We walk to affirm our individual and corporate commitment to fight breast cancer.   

Basic health testing: BP, MB, Dental, Diabetes, Vision and Clinical Breast Exam are provided free of charge.

The event includes a Community Forum with a panel of doctors, advocates, survivors,community leaders and youth representatives who provide pertinent health information and questions. We also offer basic health testing: participants can have their blood pressure, eyes, blood sugar,  breasts, and teeth checked at no cost.

This event helps us understand the changing needs of the community so that BCIEA can continue to provide the best  specific support possible.                                                                    BCIEA Research Team documents all activities.


                      Worth Investing in to Save Life.

Ulinzi Walk