Story of a breast cancer survivor

My name is Oda Nsabimana, a mother, a brick maker, a breast cancer survivor and co-founder of Breast Cancer Initiative East Africa, Rwanda.

I lost my breast-to-breast cancer 16 years ago and had a hard time getting used to my first silicone prosthesis that cost me $250 because it was heavy, hot, and difficult to take care of and I needed a special and expensive bra to use it.

Thanks to Barbara Demorest, a breast cancer survivor herself, who in 2016, visited BCIEA and trained 30 Rwandan women how to make Knitted Knockers. I became the first recipient of this beautiful, light, soft and user-friendly Knitted Knocker that does not require a special bra.

With your help, this prosthesis can easily be free and accessible to any Woman who needs it.

Once my Knocker is firmly tucked in; I feel whole, bold and confident as I go about my business—-this is what I wish for any woman who has lost her breast cancer.

Your Pledge to #HelpHerRegainHerDignity, will help women like me, regain their dignity.


In a bid to empower Breast Cancer Survivors who undergo mastectomy that gravely affects their confidence & dignity, allow us to introduce to you BCIEA Knitted Knockers Challenge to #HelpHerRegainHerDiginity