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Our Purpose

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 70% of all cancer deaths occur in low and middle in-come countries where resources for prevention, diagnosis and treatment are limited or nonexistent.  Lack of awareness, fear, myths, stigma and misinformation are associated with the prevalent late stage presentations of breast cancer by many African women. Advanced breast cancer is costly, difficult or sometimes impossible to treat and may result in death.

Breast Cancer Initiative East Africa (BCIEA) Inc., was formed to take the lead in the advancement of breast cancer surveillance and improved survival rates targeting the most neglected low in-come communities of East Africa.  Our mission and purpose are:

  • To Touch, Teach, Change and Save lives impacted by breast cancer in East Africa
  • To strive to turn 70% of breast cancer diagnoses into survival stories
  • To educate the public about breast cancer
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Our Impact

  • 2016 – Over 7,000 Rwandan women and counting have basic knowledge about breast cancer: risk factors and how to reduce their risk, signs and symptoms, importance of early detection and self-awareness

  • Innovative Strategies: Mobile Educational Application, Knitted Prostheses, Wellness Information center, Model Wellness Garden

  • Culturally appropriate Breast Health Curriculum and Materials

  • Partnership with Ministry of Health, Hospitals, Clinics, Civic Groups and Stakeholders

  • Education
  • Outreach
  • Health services
  • Technology
  • Fund raising
  • Training

Our Programs

  • One smartphone per village

    BCIEA Mobile Application is accessible in English on Android and iPhone. The smartphone is donated or sponsored by our supporters, accompanied by a printed guide in Kinyarwanda, and the program is implemented by a TRAINED Village Ambassador (VA). S/he is mentored and monitored by BCIEA staff. A VA is a breast cancer survivor or volunteer and after s/he is trained and equipped, s/he is deployed to create awareness in her own village where she is known and trusted.

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  • Ulinzi Walk Project

    Ulinzi is a Swahili word that means: protect, guard, save. We realized the need for a platform to promote breast health publicly. Our initial Ulinzi Walk in 2012, with 300 participants, was a powerful and inspiring opportunity to unite the community, honor survivors, and encourage patients. The Ulinzi walk is held each year to raise awareness of breast cancer in the greater community.

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  • Knitted Knockers

    Knitted Knockers Program in partnership with Knitted Knockers Foundation, USA, BCIEA is making made-in-Rwanda knitted breast prostheses for mastectomy patients in Rwanda. These are beautiful, comfortable, light, soft, cost-effective and user-friendly alternatives to the traditional prostheses. BCIEA supports patients and survivors with free bras, breast prostheses, and wigs.

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  • Wellness House Program

    Wellness Program: Envisions a space where people impacted by breast cancer can thrive as complement to continued treatment. Program goals are to: advocate, educate, empower and support participants so they will improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The Wellness House is a safe, comfortable space for patients to stay, free-of-charge, when traveling for treatment. It also offers a space for trainings and meetings and has a Wellness Garden to promote healthy eating and nutrition training.

Latest news

31 December 2018

Children Education Fund

This fund is for children who lose their mothers to breast cancer.  Read More

31 December 2018

Creatively Pink Youth Club

Club for secondary and college students

31 December 2018

Knitted Knockers

Breast Prostheses Made in Rwanda by Trained Knitters

31 December 2018

Breast Cancer Survivor Support Group

Meets once a month

31 December 2018

BCIEA Wellness House

Center for meeting, training programs, respite for rural patients for a night stay in transition to and from treatment, support and counseling center.

31 December 2018

One Smartphone per Village Ambassador program

An innovative education and outreach program (we have 23 trained Village Ambassadors). Rwanda has a total of 14,847 villages.

03 September 2018

ENOUGH. Our health. Our right. Right now.

I have had enough of seeing my sister, many mothers, grandmothers, aunties, nieces, friends, even men die due late stage presentations of breast cancer due to lack of knowledge about this disease compounded by very limited screening, diagnosis and

29 August 2018

Pink Out Houston

Pink Out Coming Soon to Houston! September 21, 2018

29 August 2018

Think Pink Tea Party

The Think Pink Tea Party will be held on September 1st, 2018 at the Pink House Kigali, Rwanda

Our partners

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