Our Mission

To ensure that through advocacy, awareness, education, empowerment, access to treatment support, and research, patients do not face breast cancer fearfully and helplessly alone. We reach out Touch, Teach, Change and Save lives.

The Story Behind Breast Cancer Initiative East Africa

BCIEA - Breast Cancer Initiative East Africa - This video explains how BCIEA is fighting breast cancer in Africa. Join the fight, join the cause, volunteer and more. Philippa Kibugu-Decuir is the founder and director of BCIEA Inc. In this video she shares her story of how she got started and the difference her organization has made. This video was produced by Video Mojo.

Our purpose

The world health organization

(WHO) Estimates that 70% of all cancer deaths occur in low and middle income countries where resources for prevention, diagnosis and treatment are limited or non-existent, lack of awareness, fear, myths, stigma and misinformation are associated with the prevalent late stage presentation of breast cancer by many African women.

Advanced breast cancer

Is costly difficulty or sometimes impossible to treat and may result in death.

Breast cancer initiative East Africa(BCIEA)Inc, was formed to take the lead in the advancement of breast cancer  surveillance and improved survival rates targeting the most neglected low in-come communities of East Africa


In 2008 breast cancer initiative East Africa(BCIEA)inc ,started with 27 patients by 2019 ,BCIEA had reached over 20 000 people and still counting.

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