Our Impact

  • Over 15 Women have received direct Breast Health information
  • Breast Cancer Awareness is on National Health Priority List.
  • BCIEA Works closely with the
    Ministry of Health,
    Institutions, Businesses, Churches, and School 
  • BCIEA Program consists of 10 Components and growing

Our Purpose

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 70% of all cancer deaths occur in low and middle in-come countries where resources for prevention, diagnosis and treatment are limited or nonexistent. Lack of awareness, fear, myths, stigma and misinformation are associated with the prevalent late stage presentations of breast cancer by many African women.

Advanced breast cancer
is costly difficult or sometimes impossible to treat and may result in death.

Breast Cancer Initiative East Africa (BCIEA) Inc., was formed to take the lead in the advancement of breast cancer surveillance and improved survival rates targeting the most neglected low in-come communities of East Africa.

Our Mission

To Touch, Teach, Empower, Change, and Save lives in East Africa

To strive to turn 70% of breast cancer diagnoses into survival stories

To insure that nobody faces breast cancer fearfully and helplessly alone

Our Programs

Our Videos