World Cancer Day's Ambitious New Campaign: Close the Care Gap

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Launching tomorrow, November 11, the 3-year global campaign (2022-2024) for World Cancer Day (WCD) titled "Close the Care Gap" takes center stage. Spearheaded by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), this program aims to address inequities in cancer care worldwide.

Facing numerous barriers like income, education, location, and discrimination, the campaign seeks to bridge the divide in accessing optimal cancer care, ultimately saving lives across borders. Despite significant progress in cancer research, treatment, and prevention, the stark reality of the care gap remains, claiming the lives of countless patients.

To mark the start of #CloseTheCareGap, UICC will host live Facebook sessions on November 11, 9:00h, and 18:00h Central European Time. These sessions will unveil the plans for World Cancer Day 2022 on February 4 and encourage everyone to participate and make a difference in the fight against cancer.

With the theme "Close the Care Gap," the next WCD campaign embarks on a crucial mission to ensure equitable access to quality cancer care for all, leaving no patient behind. Together, let's take action and pave the way for a future where cancer care knows no borders and every life is valued.

Celebrating the launch of World Cancer Day’s new campaign: Close the Care Gap 


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