Community Support Services

Breast Cancer Survivors Support Group

We recognize the immense value and importance of support groups for breast cancer survivors. Our monthly meetings at the Wellness House bring together a remarkable group of individuals who have bravely battled breast cancer and emerged as strong survivors. These support groups serve as a valuable resource for patients, providing a nurturing environment where they can gain ideas, coping skills, and invaluable support and advice from those who have walked a similar path.

Our support groups go beyond offering emotional support; they also provide vital information and education to women and men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. We understand that the journey can be overwhelming, and knowledge is a powerful tool in navigating the various aspects of treatment and recovery. Our sessions cover a range of topics, including what to expect during treatment, tips for coping with side effects, and strategies for maintaining overall well-being. By equipping participants with relevant information, we empower them to make informed decisions and actively participate in their own recovery.

The support groups also provide a space for refreshment, fellowship, and spiritual support. In addition to sharing their experiences and supporting one another, participants come together in prayer, uplifting and encouraging each other as they navigate the challenges of their cancer journey. We invite guest speakers from various fields, including career professionals, representatives from faith communities, medical experts, nutritionists, and wellness practitioners. These presentations offer valuable insights on living an active life after cancer, empowering participants to thrive in their survivorship.

We are honored to facilitate these support groups, fostering a sense of community, understanding, and resilience among breast cancer survivors. Through sharing, support, and learning, we create a space where individuals can find solace, gather strength, and gain knowledge for their personal journeys.


Join Us in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Thank you for your interest in BCIEA, the Champion Breast Cancer Awareness Organization in Rwanda and the USA.

We are dedicated to raising awareness, providing holistic support, and advocating for improved care in the fight against breast cancer. If you have any questions, would like to collaborate, or need assistance, please fill out the form below, and our passionate team will be in touch with you soon. Together, we can create a future where breast cancer is better understood, prevented, and effectively treated.