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Students have a significant role to play in raising awareness about breast cancer among their families and the wider public. Their influence extends beyond the classroom, as they have the power to ignite conversations, inspire change, and encourage proactive measures towards breast health.

One heartwarming aspect is the impact that students have on their families. Many young individuals, armed with knowledge gained from educational campaigns or discussions at school, have urged their mothers or family members to consult doctors due to persistent concerns. This highlights the power of education in empowering not only the students but also their loved ones to take charge of their breast health.

Moreover, Breast Cancer Initiative East Africa Inc. actively engages college students as volunteers or interns. Through partnerships with universities in Rwanda and the United States, we offer opportunities for students to contribute their time, skills, and enthusiasm to our initiatives. College students, driven by a passion for making a difference, join us as volunteers, supporting our awareness campaigns, organizing events, and assisting with various activities. Additionally, some students choose to apply for internships with BCIEA, gaining valuable hands-on experience in the fields of breast cancer awareness, advocacy, research, and support.

These student volunteers and interns bring fresh perspectives, energy, and a strong desire to effect positive change. Their dedication and commitment to the cause amplify our efforts and help us reach a wider audience. By actively involving students, we foster a sense of community engagement and empower the next generation to become advocates for breast health.

We value the partnership with college students and recognizes their invaluable contributions. We believe in nurturing young minds, providing them with a platform to make a meaningful impact, and inspiring them to continue their involvement in breast cancer awareness and support throughout their lives.

As we move forward, we encourage more students to join us in spreading awareness, educating their communities, and contributing to the fight against breast cancer. Together, we can create a ripple effect of change, transforming lives and building a future where breast cancer is met with knowledge, compassion, and support.


Join Us in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Thank you for your interest in BCIEA, the Champion Breast Cancer Awareness Organization in Rwanda and the USA.

We are dedicated to raising awareness, providing holistic support, and advocating for improved care in the fight against breast cancer. If you have any questions, would like to collaborate, or need assistance, please fill out the form below, and our passionate team will be in touch with you soon. Together, we can create a future where breast cancer is better understood, prevented, and effectively treated.